I use Takahashi NJP-160 mount. It has been manufactured for some years in unchanged form. It seems that the guys form Takahashi believe that there is nothing to be changed in this design.

Two versions are available – with or without Temma (GoTo system). My version was without it but I bought FS2 GoTo system produced by Astro Electronic from Germany.

Technical specification:

  • Type: German equatorial
  • Az adjustment: 15°
  • Alt adjustment: 20°-50°
  • PEC: 4 arcsec
  • Head weight: 25 kg (55 lbs)
  • Load capacity: 30 kg (65 lbs)

4 counterweights look like this – 4 x 6.5kg (26kg). All of them may be used to balance scopes installed on NJP-160. The mount will carry more weight but it is not recommended for astrophotography.
Not every mount has such capacity 🙂

Astro Electronic GoTo system for NJP; Steering box + controller. GoTo speed is 320x at 30V.